Please follow this check list before going any further. There are several steps you will need to do before you will be able to get your Server Permit. Please take time to read this entire page. You will find links to the state website and class information.

  • STEP #1: First You will need to go to the TABC Website to fill out the Server Permit Application to get your RLPS# for your class.

  • STEP #2: Now you can click on Purchase Class and fill in all your information including your RLPS#, pay for the class with a credit or debit card. Class must be paid for before you are able to start the course.

  • STEP #3: Now you should be in the Course. Make sure to complete each Section and Chapters. You will have a practice exam at the end of each Section. After you have completed all Sections you will then take a Final Exam of 50 question. If you happen to fail on your first try the Course will give you several chances to get a passing score.

Server Permit Course Information

You Can Use Your Smart Phone, Tablet or Computer

This class is a 3.5-hour class that is mandated by the State of Tennessee. We offer it in English or Spanish. Each chapter of this course will have informational slides along with videos. At the end of each chapter, there will be ten review questions that will help you in preparation for your final exam. After you finish all the chapters you will be ready to start your final exam. There are 50 questions most multiple choice with a few true or false. The passing score is 76% or above. The cost of the class is $34. Please take note that you will need to fill out the state server permit application before purchasing the class. We will need you RLPS#. e.g. (21A-MPER-SER-000000) when you sign up for the class. See the state link below.

STEP 1#: Before You Start the Server Class- Go To The State Website

You will need to setup your account and fill out your state server application...

Before taking the Server Permit Class you will need to visit the state website to fill out your server application. The state website is not mobile friendly; you may need to use a computer. Follow the directions closely, remember you are applying for a "server permit." Once you filled out your application and have paid your state application fee of $20.00, you will have your RLPS# e.g. (21A-MPER-SER-000000) number from the state. This is the number that is required to sign up for the class.


If you now have your State RLPS number (21A-MPER-SER). Let's get started with your class. Just click the blue button now.


  • Can I use my smartphone to take this class?

    Yes, you will be able to use any mobile device or computer.

  • I have already had a Server Permit, I just need to renew.

    The state requires you to take a server permit class every five years, no matter if you have had one before.

  • Why do I need to go to the state website before I take this class?

    The TABC requires you to set up your state account, fill out your application, and pay the $20 application fee. They will do a background check. You will need the RLPS (21A-MPER-SER-) number in order to take a server permit class.

  • How long does it take to get my server permit?

    Once you have completed and passed this course it will take about 2 business days to get you permit.

  • How do I receive my server permit? Will they mail it?

    The TABC does not mail permits. You will need to go to the state website click on RLPS, impute your login info, click on the "print my permit" icon, then click on your RLPS number e.g. (21A-MPER-SER-).

  • I am not very good at using my phone or computer.

    Our program is really easy to use everything is step by step. When taking the exam our program will give you as many tries as you need to make a passing grade. If you do have any trouble with the course just email us and we will get back to you the next day. We will help direct you through the process.

About our Program

The Tennessee Server Permits Course Is Approved by the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission. This course was designed with impute from numerous people who have a combine total of thirty years experience in our industry.

We are a proud member of the following associations:

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"It has been a very tough year for our industry, restaurants, hotels, and bars struggling or even closing. So many employees have been without work or laid-off.  I know people in our business segment are strong and determined our industry will make a comeback and be strong again. Thank you for hanging in there during these trouble times! Good times are ahead for 2021."